Cobalt Nightmares is a dark fantasy game, that takes place in a war time setting, wherein the coming conflict’s origin is rooted in the forgotten history of the land. In the Kingdom of Gol, the ruling noble, Lord Reginald Baxter, seeks the aid of mercenaries to bolster his dwindling forces against multiple threats pressing in on all sides. Meanwhile, rumors of strange metal beasts being unearthed from the ground have begun to circulate through the land’s more drunken haunts.

  • There is a higher risk of player death than players may be used to in other games.
  • Magic use is a common and accepted practice, with a very distinct difference between arcane and divine sources.
  • Ritual magic is also common, however, it is extremely difficult and dangerous.
  • There is a relatively small pantheon of commonly recognized gods, with several smaller and more obscure cults existing through out the land. Despite their many followers, the deities of Cobalt Nightmares are known to be aloof and uninvolved in the every day affairs of life. Instead, their will is manifested to the world through quasi-divine entities known as Emissaries.
  • Live Effects Core Rules are being used, with modifications listed HERE