Cobalt Nightmares

The Drums of War

In the Kingdom of Gol, the ruling noble, Lord Reginald Baxter, seeks the aid of mercenaries to bolster his dwindling forces against multiple threats pressing in on all sides. Rumors have begun to circulate that Gol has started to lose contact with it’s forces on the eastern front. Has The Kingdom of Paladia started it’s invasion early? Or has Queen Kathrine Von Lambert Chosen a side in the coming conflict? May Lammina bless us… in the days to come.

NPC’s should be on site by 10 AM
PC’s Game time in is scheduled for 11 AM

$20 to PC
NPC fee is $10

This is using the standard Live Effects rules with some changes to Crafting , Spell Casting, Ritual Magic, and the bleed out timer.

Character creation is 150 points to start. Four choices from this list: Lore, Spells, Recipes. Characters all have 10 gold to buy starting equipment. ALL CHARACTERS MUST BE APPROVED BY PLOT PRIOR TO FIRST GAME!!! We remind you once more that this is a closed world.

Players will receive 10 character points for a day game, and 20 for a weekend.

CONTACT INFO: Most of us are reachable by PM here, on Facebook, or on the LE site. We ask that character submissions be sent to Bernard directly

Modified rules info can be found here

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