This skill allows a character to properly wear armor in combat.

Characters may wear any type of armor of any type for role-playing purposes; however, they only gain Armor Points equal to the skill rank they have purchased.

One suit of armor covers the entire body and a physical representation of the armor must be worn. The appearance of armor is the goal; an exact representation of armor is not required.

Armor provides protection against damaging attacks. Each time armor is hit by a damage attack, the player loses a number of Armor Points equal to the numeric value of the attack. For example, if a player has 5 armor and is struck for “3”, he or she may call “Armor” and have 2 armor points remaining after the attack. Players must either call “Armor” or role-play being struck when hit with attacks that are absorbed by armor.

Armor Points can be regained at a rate of one point per minute through role-playing while the character is not in combat. Players do not need to remove their armor to role-play repairing it.

Armor is an amorphous pool of protection for the entire body; points are deducted regardless of where the player is struck, as long as it is in a legal body location.

All armor must be physically represented, however, your representation will be defined by the Game Designers as “light” (resembles the armor, but does not fatigue or slow down the wearer), “medium” (noticeably slows down or fatigues the wearer) or “heavy” (significantly slows down or fatigues the wearer and covers at least 3 hit locations). These provide different armor values, shown on the table below.

The game design team may assign players additional bonuses for wearing exceptionally encumbering armor pieces, such as helmets.

Rank Skill Point Cost Defense Value Light Defense Value Medium Defense Value Heavy Maximum Armor Type Allowed
1 5 1 2 2 Gambeson/Cloth
2 5 2 3 4 Leather
3 10 3 4 6 Chain
4 15 5 8 10 Brigandine or Scale
5 25 8 12 16 Plate

Advanced Armor Skill

This skill changes armor from an amorphous pool to specific protection for each of the five body regions (each arm, torso, and each leg). Half of the total armor pool, rounded down, is given to each individual area of armor. This type of armor is repaired the same way normal armor is. This skill requires Quality 2 armor or better. If damaged armor is restored, the effect fully repairs the entire armor at once. (Skill Pt Cost: 20)


This skill allows a character to gain the benefit of wearing armor without wearing any physical representation, making the character incredibly hardy. The Armor Points granted by Resilience are cumulative with the points from the Armor skill and work exactly the same way for all purposes.

Rank 1 2 3+
Skill Point Cost 10 20 30
Armor Points 1 2 Equal to Rank


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