The Merge is similar to a moth-eaten tapestry: once a beautiful piece of material that is now dusty and full of holes. No one really knows much about the ancient civilizations in the area other than that they existed, as there are ruins all over the place. The Elves might know something, but they aren’t very talkative on the subject… or any subject really.

Kingdoms have rose and fell over the centuries, but many have left their legacies. About 500 years ago, before the rise of the trade empire of Gambia, the Great Queen Meliana of Gorn ordered the colonization of the Rhivda Valley on the northern continent of Tordel. This resulted in a vibrant trade route between the two regions that has lasted for over 400 years, centered on the cities of Greywall in Gambia and Amaranth in the Rhivda Valley.

More recently, the central kingdom of Halchea (hal-KEY-ah)—ruled for three generations by the von Lambert line from the city of Northkeep—was divided into three smaller kingdoms. The old king, Cyrric, had three children: Goodwin, Kathrine, and Wilhelm. Each were fine candidates for successor, and King Cyrric did not feel that he could choose between them and continued to put it off. Tragically, five years ago the king died of unforeseen complications from a case of pneumonia before he could name his heir. Rather than fight over the kingdom, the three siblings agreed to divide the kingdom between themselves, thus creating the kingdoms of Paladia, Alaire, and Gol. Each took new capitals and and agreed to meeting on the anniversary of their father’s death in Northkeep to discuss affairs that affected the three kingdoms. That ended two years ago with the death of King Wilhelm of Gol under mysterious circumstances. Wilhelm’s general, Lord Reginal Baxter, claimed the regency of Gol following the king’s death—to maintain order according to Lord Baxter, though King Goodwin quickly accused him of making a power grab, claiming that Gol should go to him since Wilhelm had no heirs. Since then, tensions have risen to the brink of war, with Gol facing invasion from multiple sides. Goodwin stands ready to take what he feels is his, Katherine teeters between supporting her brother, remaining neutral, and supporting Baxter to prevent damage to her father’s former lands. At the same time, the Elves of the Alyvain Republic are mobilizing for war, prepared to try and gain from the conflict by gaining more of the Forest of Gol for their own territory.



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