The Gods

In ancient times, it is said, the gods were active upon the world and there was no need of emissaries. However, something happened and the gods became distant. Some say that they became disgusted with mortals and wished to never deal directly with them again, others claim that there was a war and that all the gods are dead. Others say that an evil power sealed the gods off from the world. Arguments have raged for centuries but none are closer to the true answer. Regardless, the truth of the matter is that to reach the gods, one must go through their emissaries.

These emissaries are beings, often born mortal, who the gods transfer a bit of their power to. They can make contact with the gods themselves yet still walk in the mortal world, thus they bring the power of the gods to bear. Some emissaries are very old, others recently inherited their powers from a predecessor. In times past, emissaries would kill another to gain more power for themselves, or one would resign and give their power to another. Each emissary focuses on a particular aspect of their deity’s power, which can sometimes lead to emissaries of the same god opposing each other.

In day to day life, most people invoke various emissaries of various gods. Here are a list of the gods and their known emissaries:









The Gods

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