The Kingdom of Alaire

Ruled by Queen Kathrine von Lambert
Capital: Jatha
Colors: Blue, Red, and Yellow
Symbol: Sickles Above Wheat on Blue Field

Alaire is a kingdom dominated by rolling plains and farmlands, climates being similar to Gol with warm and humid temperates, though its southern expanse is windier and cooler, with marshland south near Lake Vildimere and the Wastes. The Alairans take great stock in appearance, more than the Golish or Paladians. This air of sophistication can sometimes rub people the wrong way, but beneath the ostentation they are a good people, hard working and very loyal to their Queen. Still, rumors circulate around the capital of Jatha that Kathrine does not have the grip on the throne that she wants, and that she depends too much on her advisers.

Alaire is in the middle of a huge cultural boom, and social status is starting to have more of an impact in their Kingdom than ever before, economically this means the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer, though the poor can still marry into money, and some even pretend to be rich to help GET rich. There are frequent parties and festivals and celebrations, theater and the arts are beloved, current fashion is almost worshiped. This of course is appealing to Halflings from all over, and they are flocking to the Kingdom from abroad to experience the light-hearted nature being portrayed. Religion is also in style at the moment, with a very large movement for religious freedom.

The nation is divided into twelve counties, each controlled by a noble family from a city known as the county seat. The current list of Counts/Countesses, counties, and county seats are as follows:

Raleigh de Alar, Count du Vascar (in Bermont)
Hugo de Valin, Count du Quelar (in Arkenstone)
Allison de Florien, Countess du Lugard (in Meltair)
Dugald de Mercer, Count du Batan (in Chessary)
Myrcella de Noriant, Countess du Junnive (in Pelicar)
Lucas de Borgess, Count du Franais (in Traisson)
Halchos de Orlise, Count du Zuyder (in Adele’s Crossing)
Beatrice de Apelan, Countess du Changri (in Hautan)
Prosper de Clariat, Count du Hicavari (in Berrien)
Valien de Louize, Count du Ubitan (in Avadar)
Andre de Corsann, Count du Tamri (in Falconridge)
Jaqueline de Routair, Countess du Salian (in Malsena)


The Kingdom of Alaire

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