The Noble Kecuala

The Kecuala, commonly referred to as “lizardfolk” by humans, are the first and thus far only civilized humanoid race to emerge from The Wastes. They have a tribal culture, and they strive to maintain a cordial relationship with their human neighbors in Gambia and Alaire, despite them confining the Kecuala to the marshland south of Lake Vildimere since they emerged from The Wastes a century ago. At current time, they have more favorable relation with Gambia, and often hire themselves out as mercenaries. As a result of this, and the occasional Kecuala travelers, there is small but growing population in the Free States.

The Kecuala say that they originally consisted of ten distinct tribes, though after their Great Migration from The Wastes only seven emerged. They are listed as follows: Haleeth, Ryuda, Ysor, Diskar, Selik, Gharzan, and T’yaga.

Physical Description

Kecuala average about human height, though their height range is much greater. It is not uncommon to see adult individuals anywhere between 4 ft. and 8 ft. tall.

They are warm-blooded reptilians, completely hairless, with scales covering the body. They have rigid vestigial tails and their bite is venomous.

Suggested phys rep: tail, scales, concealed hair


The Noble Kecuala

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